About Us

Sangre de America is an apolitical, non-profit organization created by the commitment of a group of people including writers, anthropologists, archaeologists, musicians, intellectuals, indigenous people, researchers, artists and ordinary people from Latin America and the rest of the world motivated by the need to promote awareness at an international level on the real risk of extinction of the last guardians of nature, the “INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS”.
Supporting their struggle, promoting precious ancestral cultures and allowing original peoples to decide on their own future constitutes the ideological principle on which SangredeAmerica.Org is based.
The natives of America, Africa, Asia and Oceania have been demanding justice for over five hundred years, wishing to share their spiritual wisdom and finally be recognized as “humans” with the same rights to the land and to their own self-determination as any other modern society. Faced with the habits and customs of “Contemporary Civilization”, the natives behave like naive children, sometimes they do not understand, but they are men and women who have what they need to understand the reality that surrounds them.

Stop the irresponsible and slave trasculturalization.