Sangre de America is not seeking donations, benevolent status, or social and economic recognition based on support for the cause of ethnic minorities. This emerging organization spreads the importance of the vast historical and ethnographic heritage of rural peoples and cultures native to five continents. Entire traditional communities that continue to be sacrificed on the altar of the “God of progress”, by capitalist, political and economic interests as well as by a ferocious neoliberalism and apathetic collective indifference towards this reality. A “truth” that is presented superficially by the powerful mass media at the service of power; the same lobby that ridicules the natives, exploits them by converting them into easy-to-consume formats and then subsequently throwing them into the hands of unscrupulous adventure travelers and the many tourist agencies that manipulate and corrupt them until they become clowns of themselves.
Even though the rights of indigenous peoples were recognized at the United Nations headquarters in 2006, this symbolic act remains a precedent of good intention that still remains on paper after centuries of massacres, deculturization, subjugation, extraction and expropriation of their natural resources , culture and ancestral notions.

Stop the irresponsible and slave trasculturalization.